Linux: Copy & Paste text from song comments not working


copying text from song comments is not really working with latest Renoise on Linux (Debian stable/testing + Awesome window manager in my case).

It just doesn’t work, selecting text and pressing CTRL+C, or selecting copy from the menu, seems to have no effect, the clipboard stays empty.

Pasting works only sometimes, when you copy something, e.g. from Firefox and try to paste it into song comments results in an old clipboard being pasted most of the time. In rare occasions it works when closing and opening the song comments window.

Please let me know if you need more info.

Greetings :slight_smile:

I believe this is the quirk of how Renoise manages the clipboard. But when it comes to window managers on *nix, I know next to nothing :slight_smile:

Try copying some text, switching window, and paste? Seems like you’ve already been able to copy from outside, perhaps the opposite is true as well…

Seen similar when it comes to copy-paste from one Renoise instance to another. Sometimes you have to copy a selected element two times, also thru context menu.

I can confirm a general wonkyness of copy&paste on ubuntu with xfce. Most glitches happen when c&p between applications, even between 2 renoise instances. Its always been for me like that. The focus in renoise also seems to play a role in what kind of things work, and what don’t work. I just got used to having to try some operations multiple times. I’ll try to watch while working what operations are problematic and will see if I can report back examples.

I think the problem is described and explained in detail in this thread: