Linux Crash Reporting Bug

Currently on Linux with Renoise 3.3.2 if the program crashes it is creating crash dumps in the user’s home folder with what appears to be random unicode file and folder names.

For instance on the last crash (having some trouble with new u-he plugin builds and in-plugin-dialogs) the folder was labelled “ힰΛ” and the file “㗱”.

I suspect this is not intentional.

Is there a Linux distribution which is called “Linux”?

What is the distribution you use?

Wine version?

Arch Linux. Gnome 40.2.0 desktop (on X11 not Wayland). No wine.

What I will say is useless,but It remind me when I tried to extract manually “nullsoft” installer on windows

These are files and folders created by Renoise on crash. The contents are correct, they contain crash reporting information clearly identified as coming from Renoise, but have different random unicode-character filenames each time.

I’m guessing the names are meant to be something identifiable including timestamps or similar but instead something is going awry in code that is creating the filename strings.

I don’t use linux for sounds

How do you “wrap” VSTs?

I use Linux native VST plugins personally, mainly those from u-he.

However, there are tools out there such as “LinVST” which can allow you to run some Windows VSTs on Linux too, but I don’t do that.

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We’re not generating those. They must have been created by Gnome or something else.
Renoise only dumps stack logs into its log file and tries to save a backup of the current song.

Also, did you found out why the crash is happening. That would be important to know. If you’re unsure please post your Renoise log file. If can be found by opening Renoise, then clicking on “Help” → “Show the Log File…”

Hi @taktik I have attached both the Renoise log after crash and an example of the odd named log file that appears in my home directory after the crash.

The crash itself is 100% reproducible for me:

  1. Have the line gtk-modules=colorreload-gtk-module:window-decorations-gtk-module in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini
  2. Launch Renoise and load a u-he VSTi (ACE, Bazille, or HIVE as they are the ones I own) into instrument 00
  3. Click on a UI element in the VSTi that would spawn a window inside the VSTi such as the u-he logo
  4. Renoise crashes immediately

That config line in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini can be changed to gtk-modules=colorreload-gtk-module to remove :window-decorations-gtk-module and the problem will go away.

The crash itself seems to be a u-he plugin issue, not a Renoise issue, as the crash will also occur with u-he plugins under Ardour. however, when Ardour crashes there are no strange files or folders generated in my home folder. That only occurs with Renoise and that’s why I posted about that specifically here.

RenoiseLog.txt (7.5 KB)
WeirdNamedLog.txt (2.9 KB)

Are you using the latest U-he linux builds from KVR?

ACE 1.41 build 10721
Bazille 1.11 build 10721
Hive 2.1 build 11037