Linux: Crystal VST by Green Oak stalling when using the Preset select box

I’m not sure it’s easy to reproduce but I’ve never seen this behaviour in any VST host for the same plugin.
So I’m using Green Oak Crystal VST for Windows (freeware), on Linux (Manjaro) using Yabridge and Wine Staging (versions are irrelevant, the problem has been happening through many versions).

When loading Crystal in any Renoise project, it works perfectly. However, everytime I click the Renoise UI to select plugin programs, what happens is:

  • Crystal UI quickly shows various values in its preset name box (parameters values)
  • Would not be an issue if it did not take around 45 seconds to do this (every parameter for every preset)
  • While it does this, Renoise is unresponsive. Also happens even if I hide Crystal’s UI.
  • It happens everytime I click the Programs button in Renoise to show the presets.
  • When it’s done, the list of programs appears as intended.

However, everything works normally if, instead of showing the Program selection popup, I click on the “Next program” and “Previous program” icons on the box.

Note that it’s probably not related to Yabridge since everything is normal in another Linux host like Carla.

Crystal can be found at this URL: Crystal VST Instrument

I’ve been running into this one too (macOS Catalina).