Linux: Csound, Pd Or Super Collider With Renoise


Are there anyone using csound, pd or super collider together with renoise? I’m not talking about generating samples in aforementioned synths and loading the samples, but more of a dynamic setup.

I imagine it would be cool to:

  1. use either one as VSTi plugin, for the wildest, deepest and fastest synth ever.
  2. use either as VST plugin for processing.
  3. use either as midi processor/algoritmic composition tool.

Optional work-around; is there a way to get audio/midi in/out of renoise on a per track basis? Could I send midi to csound, and route the result back into a track in renoise? Could I send midi out of renoise for processing before it reaches the instrument?

I’m running linux, so that’s what applies directly to me, but other neat solutions on other platforms night be inspiring as well.

(for windows only) you can run pd patches as VST(i)

about supercollider … you could use java bindings -> and jvst ->

Midi will always be processed by the outside tool before it is being send back to Renoise… since the big fat latency that you will have with that, will take care of that. Whether you would like such a latency is a different question.

Exporting midi out of Renoise on track basis is simply assigning an instrument slot to an external midi instrument by just setting the midi channel.
Routing back does mean that you have to select the instrument in Renoise that you want to toggle.
To close this circle you need a virtual midi cable like MidiYoke.
In there you define the Renoise midi output channels to which program they should lead (csound) and from csound, you route the stuff back to MidiYoke in which you will route the data to one of the Renoise MIDI in ports.
In Renoise you can select the MidiYoke devices in both the midi instrument panel as the midi-in preferences panel.

I did a similar midi data circulation using Akoff’s music composer:
The latency was the key-ingredient to make this note generation work.
However your soundcard must support rerouting internal audio output back to audio input for this to work as well.

Don’t trying it yet, but

supercollider is out of the question for linux, the linux port of sc3 is utter crap unless you use emacs which is also utter crap.
choose pd or csound.

Quick test reveal following issues:

  • visible only as VST effect, not in VST instruments list: workaround is to place as effect and use VST FX alias in instrument properties
  • in saved and opened xrns orchestra and score are lost
  • start emit sound only from second note when start playing

(CSoundVST 5.13)

I’ve used PD and renoise through jack with some success. Mostly using variations of the included example patches. You can get Jack library externals for PD.
One problem is that multiple instances of PD or multiple patches at once do not run well under PD when I try it. Loads of X-runs terrible distortion.
PD accepts midi via ALSA/JACK from renoise midi CC device no problem, and if you optimise jack you can route sound back into to renoise nicely. Not CPU intensive and fairly reproducible. A little laborious maybe.

You can route as many tracks out of renoise and back in as you like using jack or patchage. And routing midi out to PD for processing should be fine if you set up the midi return correctly, I imagine this working for multiple patches too.