Linux: Disable auto-connect in Jack?

Hey everyone, first post here.

I just switched to Linux and so far everything is working perfectly. There’s just one minor annoyance that I haven’t been able to quash. When I boot up Renoise it auto-connects to my hardware outs in jack. I have 16 outs on both; renoise 1 -> hardware 1, 2 -> 2, and on down the line. Every time I start Renoise I have to disconnect them manually. It’s just a few clicks but I’m sure there’s a way to disable it that I’m missing.

I’ve gone through the in-program settings in both Renoise and Jack as well as dug through the directories for config files and found nothing. Reaper via Wine did the same thing by default but the WineASIO registry has a toggleable flag for that behavior.

Any ideas?



Do you have some little experience in scripting on Linux? I mean shell scripts that are the equivalent of batch files on windows.

Jack comes with some shell/command line tools, two of them being “jack_connect” and “jack_disconnect” - they are thought so you can change connections from the command line or in an automatic way from a shell script. You could even forge everything into one single script that will launch jack, then renoise, and then fix your connections, all with one mouse click to a quickstarter and a few seconds of waiting.

New to Linux but familiar with Python. Shell scripting is something I should learn anyways so I might as well start here. Thanks for the idea!