Linux: External editor of VST don't show up with DSSI-VST (no GUI)


I am having problems with External editor of VST plugins. Audio works, but instead of plugin’s GUI I only see renoise’s editor:


(using Arch linux 64 bit, Renoise 3.4.1)

When I execute vsthost “Synth1 VST.dll”, the GUI shows up normally:


Log says “plugin has a GUI”; the same message when I run vsthost and Renoise:

Renoise LOG> DSSI: Trying to instantiate /usr/lib/dssi/…
Renoise LOG> DSSI: Found plug 'Synth1
Returning file identifiers: zbUO4NIpRHNzemyUTgwpoYdD
DSSI_PATH not set, defaulting to /home/mig/.dssi:/usr/local/lib/dssi:/usr/lib/dssi:/usr/lib32/dssi
RemoteVSTClient: executing /usr/lib32/dssi/dssi-vst/dssi-vst-server Synth1VST.dll,zbUO4NIpRHNzemyUTgwpoYdD
DSSI VST plugin server v0.986
Copyright (c) 2004-2010 Chris Cannam
Loading “Synth1 VST.dll”…
VST_PATH not set, defaulting to /home/mig/vst:/usr/local/lib/vst:/usr/lib/vst
dssi-vst-server[1]: not found in /home/mig/vst/Synth1 VST.dll
dssi-vst-server[1]: not found in vst/Synth1 VST.dll
dssi-vst-server[1]: found in /usr/local/lib/vst/Synth1 VST.dll
Testing VST compatibility…
dssi-vst-server[1]: VST entrypoint “VSTPluginMain” found
0108:fixme:ver:GetCurrentPackageId (0032F8C4 00000000): stub
dssi-vst-server[1]: plugin instantiated
dssi-vst-server[1]: plugin is a VST
dssi-vst-server[1]: plugin has a GUI
dssi-vst-server[1]: plugin supports processReplacing
dssi-vst-server[1]: opening plugin
dssi-vst-server[1]: plugin is VST 2.0 or newer
dssi-vst-server[1]: plugin is a synth
dssi-vst-server[1]: plugin name is “Synth1 VSTi”
dssi-vst-server[1]: vendor string is “Daichi”
Initialising Windows subsystem…
dssi-vst-server[1]: registered Windows application class “dssi_vst”
dssi-vst-server[1]: created main window
dssi-vst-server[1]: created audio thread
cannot create dummy timer window
DSSIVSTPluginInstance(0xd12a1e0): setting OK true
VST.dll) construction complete
dssi-vst-server[1]: set sample rate to 48000
Renoise LOG> DSSI: Instantiate OK
client sized shm to 2048
dssi-vst-server[1]: set buffer size to 256
sized shm to 2048, 0 inputs and 2 outputs

Thank you for help,

This seems to be the problem. This is a message from the DSSI wrapper.
When the plugin offers no custom GUI, Renoise will show some generic GUI.

Probably you can ask for more help here: GitHub - falkTX/dssi-vst: DSSI plugin wrapper for VST plugins

DSSI is by far the worst option to use VST in linux, especially in arch. You might install airwave or carla which do a really good job.

Thank you very much! Airwave did help.

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