Linux, fluxbox, changing workspaces. disabling focus?

hello folks
this is one of my first posts here. be gentle :)/>
im running renoise on Debian squeeze with fluxbox as windowmanager. When switching between workspaces, renoise “grabs” the focus and do not allow me to use fluxbox shortcuts. The same happens with LXDE and Xfce windowmanagers. Its quite annoying. Is there a way to disable this focus “grabbing”.

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Yes it’s annoying as shit, but I just live with it. This is the same on all the *boxes (I got openbox).
In some way it’s also logical because Renoise has so many things it can have a shortcut for, … but yeah I would like to Ctrl+Alt+Right out of it sometimes too.

hi. i finally found it. in prefs->keys->global keyboard options untick override window manager shortcuts. but now you loose shortcut control over renoise.
another workaround is to use alt+tab to switch to another window and then use the shortcut to switch to another workspace and the opposite to get back to renoise shortcuts
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