Linux For 64 Bits Distribution - Step By Step Explanations Please

Hello all,
New on that forum (but not on renoise, used on Windows, mac and now linux).
I’ve Ubuntu installed on an AMD 64 architecture, and can’t use for the reason that everyone know now: renoise is meant to be installed on 32 bits machines.
But I’ve also read that it’s anyway possible if we install the “proper” 32 bits compatibilty libraries.
I’m not a newby, but not for that kinda of stuffs.

Please: is it possible to tell me step by step how we do that installation?
That means:
-what are the libraries we have to install?
-what do we have to compil again, and how?

And ofcourse, all the answers to the questions I didn’t think about because i’ve not all the view of the problem yet. hehe

Thank you very much to you all.

(in french => )

Would be great if someone with a 64bit distro could help us here setting up a Renoise on 64bit OSs guide. Any help is appropriated!

As said before: We can’t offer a native 64bit compiled version of Renoise so now, so we have to deal with the problems and should at least offer a guide to get Renoise somehow working…

One more note: When running an AMD 64bit, you have the choice between installing a 64bit Linux or a 32bit dist - both versions will run flawlessly, while Renoise obviously as 32bit app will run better in the 32bit Linux dist. Not sure if everyone is aware of this.

So if you plan to install a new Linux, mainly for Renoise, choose the 32bit versions!

To run 32bit programs on 64bit systems, you need all shared libraries this program needs in their 32bit versions installed. Usually most Linux distributions should provide 32bit compatibility packages that install some of the most used 32bit libraries alongside their 64bit equivalents. I can provide the package list for *Ubuntus. I checked the package names for Dapper (my system) and Gutsy (recent stable), the package names didn’t change, so it should be the same for the in-between Ubuntu versions also, and maybe also for Debian.

Install the following packages via your preferred package manager frontend (Synaptic, apt-get etc.):

Or type the following apt-get command in a console window:

sudo apt-get install libc6-i386 ia32-libs lib32asound2 lib32stdc++6 lib32gcc1  

With this, renoise should run via ALSA. If it doesn’t, feel free to report any problems, maybe I can help further.


Runs out of the box on OpenSuse 10.3 64bit (then again I’m not yet bothering with plugins/Jack or anything - raw Renoise runs fine tho).

Thanks to you both. So the only thing we should take care about now is to spit out a friendly error message is someone tries to use jack on a 64bit dist.

Not generally, taktik. It is possible to use 32bit jack with Renoise on a 64bit distro, albeit with a bit of manual work and tweaking. I really wouldn’t want to lose this possibility.

I’d prefer you only show an error message if someone wants to use 64bit jack with 32bit Renoise.

You mean by running a 32bit jack server first, then connecting only 32bit apps through this server? This really works?

I fear a bit that people get victims of crashes like this, which is really not obvios at all.

Yes, it works for me. I installed 32bit jack packages in my Kubuntu manually, then I start 32bit jackd server via the commandline, so it runs. Then I start Renoise, which is able to connect to 32bit jack. It’s not really recommended for a linux beginner because of so much manual work and command line usage, but it works. Please don’t disable this possibility.

But this user is trying to connect 32bit Renoise to 64bit jack, which of course can’t work. It’s important for users of 64bit Linux systems to realize that they can run 32bit apps, but any libraries this app needs have also to be 32bit.

I would recommend not to disable anything, but tell the users of 64bit Linux systems to install the compatibility libs (as mentioned some posts above) and use alsa as long as there’s no 64bit Renoise.

Is it possible to explain this process of compiling a 32 bit jack server manually on 64bit ubuntu gutsy gibbon?
I have Renoise working on this OS, with alsa drivers.
If it isn’t too difficult to explain, I would really appreciate any help with knowing how to connect Renoise to Jack without having to download and install a 32 bit version of Ubuntu…
Thanks to all involved for your excellent work here!