Linux Format Magazine (Uk) - Renoise 2.8 Review

Just received the June issue of Linux Format (issue number 158) and it contains a full page review of Renoise 2.8, they previously reviewed Renoise back in issue 117. It concludes “Renoise is a phenomenal music production tool, and if you have even half an interest in putting one note after another, it’s worth the outlay”, scoring 11/10 (yes, that’s not a typo: eleven out of ten) which I’ve never seen them do before. To put this score in perspective XBMC 11 Eden and Audacity 2 both score 8/10 in the same issue.

Well deserved as always!

can you put a scan up?

if Audacity got 8/10, Renoise should at least get 80/10 :)

Heh, I remember when Computer Music reviewed Renoise2.0 and gave it 10/10. A couple of weeks later 2.1 arrived with several performance-friendly additions. 11/10 !!

Ha ha. Wow. I’d like to read this. Scan?

I rushed the post earlier as I was going out of the door, just had a chance to scan the review. I’ve uploaded it to imageshack here.

I didn’t know June started so early this year, or are you living in a time-zone in a far galaxy from here? At first i thought you made a typo…

Thanks for scanning, planetm. Not a very interesting read, because we know all this, but nevertheless nice to see renoise receive such praise. :thumbsup:

Monthly magazines in the UK seem to do that for some reason; the Computer Music issues are always labelled at least one month in advance too. No idea why. Perhaps they assume that it will take a long time to print and distribute the magazine, and people won’t want to buy one if it has last month’s date on it.

It’s made worse because several of them have 13 issues/year (one for each month, plus a Christmas issue) so the the December issue is out at the start of October, allowing time for the christmas issue and then the January one by mid-december. It wasn’t always this way, not sure when it changed.

If the mag is worldwide distributed, then they work really old fashioned if they originate the distribution from the UK. A good magazine publisher simply has worldwide reproduction centers and presses and spreads the content digitally to press it. (ofcourse risks of leaking exist but how spoiling are leaks in that world?)

Hahahah it’s kind of funny!! but I must say I do need audacity for some stuff still though… saving to mp3/ogg? anyone? loading ‘samples’ longer than a minute or two? ;)