Linux: Glitchy GUI and crashes with latest Vember Surge VST3 (1.8.0)

Just loaded the latest Vember Surge version (Latest Release: 1.8.0 (2021-01-17 )) in the latest Renoise version (3.3.1) and the glitchy GUI (together with crashes) is back. This was fixed, but they seem to change / break something.

This is on Ubuntustudio 20.04 with XFCE.

I happened to blow through with a bug of my own (turns out it was a distro issue). You’re using a nightly build of Surge.

I’m using the current 1.7.1 release from the .deb on Surge’s front page, and it’s working fine.

current is 1.8, released yesterday :slight_smile:


Oops, scratch that. I was apparently using 1.8 when I posted that, as well. Either way, I guess I can report it works fine in Mint 20.1, which has the same Ubuntu 20.04 base.

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neat! Lot of changes:


Sometimes it worked, sometimes it was crahsing, sometimes just glitchy. Will check again the next days…