Linux: Highlighted/selected Renoise with Compiz


while I wanted to move Renoise to a different place on my desktop, I accidently marked/selected/highlighted it in a way that there was the blue layer over it. When I released the mouse and tried to move Renoise one more time, it moved to the position I dragged it to but the selection stayed at its initial place.

Here is a picture of what happened. I could not reproduce it though.

I happen to see the blue selection filter on Renoise occasionally but that was the only time the selection stayed at its place and didn’t vanish.

I’m on Ubuntu Studio 8.10 with Gnome and Compiz.

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This looks more like a Compiz bug, doesn’t it? And has this broken something in Renoise?

Yes it does look more like a non-Renoise bug. No, nothing terribly serious about it.
A workaround is to minimize and restore the application again to make the blue layer go away.

If you turn off Compiz, you get rid of the problem and gain a lot of extra system resources at the same time ;)