Linux Installation Packages.

I’m proud to announce to you the first Linux distribution specific packags for the Renoise demo version.
I’ve tested the x86 deb packages on Ubuntu 10.10 and the x86 rpm on Fedora 14 VM’s.
I have not been able to test the x86_64 packages yet but the amd64 package works on Aptosid (Debian Squeeze/Sid)
The deb packages should work on “all” Debian/Ubuntu derivatives. The rpms should work for Fedora,
Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, openSuse and derivatives. If you have the proper repo’s enabled you might be able to use it on RedHat also.
The tgz packages are for Slackware based distributions.

So if your computer supports .tgz,.deb or .rpm packages and you like to help out please download the packages
below and report back here if there are any errors. Please give as much info as possible like exactly what distribution
and version you are using eg. CrunchBang 10 “Statler” 32bit, also I love to read terminal output so
if you can spare the time please post it. One more thing I like is solved dependency issues ;)

If you don’t know what architecture to download check your kernel version first:

uname -r  

This command gives an output like this, the extention tells you what version to download:  

Here’s the downloads;

32bit: (works on most computers ((intel))

64 bit: (only for 64bit capable pc’s)


On most modern distributions the files can be installed by simply clicking on it and let some packagemanager do the rest.
If you don’t have a fancy GUI you can also use the terminal to install.

For the debs enter:

sudo dpkg -i /location/to/renoise/debfile.deb  
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -f install  

For the rpms enter:

sudo rpm -Uhv /location/to/renoise/rpmfile.rpm  

or on some systems that don’t have sudo:

su -c 'rpm -Uhv /location/to/renoise/rpmfile.rpm'  
``` (single quotes must be included!!)  
For the tgz packages:  
To install the tgz files you can use Slackware's pkgtool UI or use the terminal:   

sudo installpkg /location/to/renoise/tgzfile.tgz

Ok… I made a big mistake… I’ve been making scripts for renoise 2.6.0 and have been packaging 2.6.1 :s
Yeah I know… STUPID!!! but I’ve noticed the bug (at last…) and fixed it. also I made a amd64 package since some distro’s like Aptosid use the amd64 arch.

I was actually wondering why you would prepare packages with 2.6.0 anyway since 2.6.1 is the latest version also having fixed a few important bugs residing in 2.6.0 :)

Just a plain old case of doing without really thinking. Blaming my ADD also seems to work in most cases like this ;)

I havn’t had a lot of time lately but I managed to have the Slackware tgz packages up for download now.

Next up is Arch, Gentoo and Pardus so all populair Linux audio distributions will be supported and also non-geeks will be able to get Renoise up and running on Linux :)

If anyone is interested in packages for other distributions feel free to ask me and I’ll see what I can do…

Hey everyone,

Sorry for not having any time to spend on building packages but they are on their way now (means I’ve downloaded the original 2.7 packages and might even start working on them later today when emerge on my brand new funtoo install is no longer consuming most of my cpu.

Arch users are lucky for SyntHead already added a pkgbuild for Renoise 2.7-0 in AUR.

I did manage to spent some time trying to get the Renoise packages in Linux Multimedia distributions and package repositories but didn’t have a lot of success getting it in to the non-free repo’s for it’s not an application the entire world uses like flash and not open source so that turned out more difficult than I imagined.

Luckily there are some Linux multimedia distributions that include Renoise on their default cd:

So what would be the next best thing to do?

Create a GPL licenced graphical Renoise installer ;)

I don’t think it will be hard to create a installer/updater that can install Renoise and notify the user to update when a new version arrives. Also this installer can be GPL licensed and therefor also manage to reach the mainstream distribution repo’s and sourceforge ;)
Also this would mean a lot less work for me and less waiting for everyone else since I can create a GUI installer that can be used on all distributions and architectures and would only need updating when the Renoise installation script would change it’s name or scripting language.

First of all … building packages for linux in general is a good idea.

But for Renoise Demo ??? Unzip, change into directory and doubleclick the Renoise-icon isn’t that hard.
Plus most of the linuxers that test Renoise seriously will buy a license :) (I did)
That means uninstalling the package and reinstalling Renoise_reg_version.

For adding the demo to some distro-repositories the package idea is good, but I don’t know if most “libre”-communities will add them, cause R. is closed-source. Maintaining own repos is a mot of work and mostly those thing disapear after 2-3 years.

Nowadays a lot of ‘regular’ people who use Linux on their desktops and don’t understand as much of computers as we would like them to.
I don’t know what it’s like where you’re from but here in the netherlands the Linux community (especially Ubuntu and Android) is really getting bigger each day. Lots of people stat using android on tablets and phones and quite soon a lot of them make the step to Ubuntu to get more out of their tablets than with Android. Desktops, laptops and netbooks also follow soon in most cases.

For those people we started a project Link (in Dutch) where we hand-out free Linux cd’s, installations of all GPL/BSD software, workshops, info-meetings and lots more. You don’t wanna hear the questions they ask me :blink: :huh: :wacko: These people come to us asking us to install Linux for them and then don’t use their computer (including custom manual titled: HELP in 200x200px on the desktop) for 2 months for it has no internet. When I came to check everything worked perfect, they just couldn’t find the blue E that leads them to Bing (some even think a computer using Google needs to be updated to Bing!!!). Just a short example but unfortunately I got plenty more of those (and worse) for you… so that’s why I do what I do; simplify the stuff I like so people who don’t have the time/patience to learn all about computers their selves can have fun just using them.

Also the superusers like to have a ready-made package so you don’t have to go trough the hassle of download > , fixing dependencies > install > Download > update > etc > etc… The first place for a Renoise 2.7 package to appear was the Arch User Repository (AUR) and that’s defiantly no distribution for beginners if you ask me. Also the total download on the 2.6 packages from my dropbox and private repo was 4339. Minus the double downloads co wrong arch, download failure or whatever is still about 1500 users. Not bad if you ask me…

Just like every tuxhead wants to build his own distribution they also want to have their own server that must include a repository no matter if we have use for it or not. (If we build it he will come…) so the chance those user repositories quickly fade away is quite big. Also since nowadays we can have girlfriends and wife’s that don’t see the use in 7 humming computers piled-up in the living-room functioning as a cluster network for auto-compiling gentoo images from git repositories just to ensure yourself of smooth upgrades.
But to get to the point before I finish this bottle… The mainstream repo’s include all GPL software that is bug/bullshit-free. If a GPL app is used for installing a non-free app that doesn’t make it a non-free application.

A lot of software is distributed this way; eg the Mic****ft font collection (mstcorefont-installer) or the flash installer. These are both just empty packages that include pre/postinstall/remove scripts that pull-in/remove the actual software/font/codec/whatever so I don’t see any problems for a Renoise installer when it comes to being on Sourceforge, Launchpad, and then automatically in the seriously maintained user repo’s like RPMforge, DAG, RPMfind, etc… which download all new packages from sourceforge, test them and put them in their repo when it’s stable ;)

pppppffffffffffff…time to go bore my girlfriend and dogs now…

Thanx for replying/reading/scratching head/read again/scratch head again/make some (Re)Noise to let it sink/mak some more (Re)Noise couse it rocks!

Later :yeah: