Linux: Meta Key Prefixed Shortcuts Not Working

Hi, with the linux version running on Ubuntu 11.04 one can assign a shortcut to an action with the “Windows-Modifier-Key + Key” combination in the “Preferences -> Keys” dialog.

So if I for example assign the key combination “Windows-Key + Q” to the action “Global/Application/Quit”, this key combination is displayed in the prefs dialog as “Meta-Q”.

However if I press “Windows-Key + Q” in Renoise then, nothing happens – the shortcut is not triggered. I’m using the “German eliminated deadkeys” keyboard layout, which is the default for my language.

If I change the keyboard preference “Keyboard Preferences->Layouts->Eliminate dead keys->Options…->Alt / Win key behaviour” from “Default” to “Meta is mapped to LeftWin”, then the shortcut works.

It would be great, if a shortcut prefixed by the Windows- or Meta-key would also be triggered by the “Default” Alt / Win key behaviour.

Kind regards & thanks in advance,