Linux: Midi Instruments,mixer,rendering,amd64?


i have a simple question about midi instruments, mixer control and rendering to mp3/wav, also an amd64 question.

  1. os: debian(linux), lenny, amd64 / renoise: 2.0 demo

  2. assume there is a soundfonts (sf2) enabled device, e.g. emu10k1 and instrument assigned to channel and program

  3. with 1 in mind, the tracks using that particular instrument do not follow the mixer control inside renoise. resp. no vu meters nor effects. however, the overall synth level obey the setting of f.e. kmix.

  4. i also tried fluidsynth, unfortunately in that case even the kmix, as expected, did not worked, as this is pure dsp

question 1: is this a bug or feature?

  1. with 0 in mind, if i get the full version

question 2: is it possible to render the whole song, in particular the midi instruments, to wav/mp3/etc.?

statement: i would like to have 64 bit version of renoise, i think i am capable to compile it myself

question 3: i do really have no interest in supporting windoz or mak, so why i should suffer those mistakes further?


p.s. regardless of question 3 and question 1, renoise is for sure the most superior tracker to date, thanks a lot :yeah:

Hello Mirscha
0 to 3:Currently looking at my friends Neurotix, Suva or Danoise?

4.2:Rendering usually does not incorporate MIDI instruments -> Renoise should have a way to get the input of the midi devices. Renoise triggers all audio channels and feeds them to a wave-file, MIDI channels don’t produce audio and unfortunately, the In-device is not being incortporated in the rendering yet. There is a debate about rendering of live audio, so this is where design plans are being made for, but currently nothing conclusive yet.

4.x 64 bit version of Renoise:is on the todo list as well, when it will come is not for sure either, but multicore support was a wish of many since Renoise 1.5 and multicore support arrived in version 1.9 to give you a small idea of what you can estimate (no guarantees ofcourse).

4.3 Renoise was developed on Windows, then added to Mac and as last on Linux -> a lot of registered users use the Windows or Mac platform yet you are not obliged to use the Windows or Mac version if you don’t want to. If you only want to give feedback about Linux, that is even great, we can use more feedback from Linux users, specially if you think some things can be vastly improved. Is there any sort of Win/Mac “Mistake” ported to Linux you referred to in your question that you want to highlight specifically? And what suggestion to improve?

You can record audio back to renoise with Jack. Record to samples with integrated sample editor.

No. The midi instruments won’t get rendered as they are in different stream. But as said, you can record back to renoise. Also there is a VST instrument out there which can open SF2 files. It’s called soundcrab. Also better sampler is hilife by discoDSP which is also opensource right now. When using those, your songs will render just fine.

If you think it was as simple as typing “make” with 64bit compiler wouldn’t we already have 64bit version? It is quite some work to get all things compliant and the 64bit version will come eventually.

My decoding abilities end here. Sorry but I can’t understand your last question.

thanks for the replay and the hints. i will give them a try.


in the case of fluidsynth, i think it is possible to catch the stream and route it internally to the dsp device.


for sure simple ‘make’ is far too easy to be true, however if there is no use of asm ( i do really hope so), i think it should not be so hard to debug and get the thing working.

@windoz & mak

imagine all the ifdef windoz/mak disappear, there should be less code to debug, the amd64 port will become faster available :yeah:

i hope that in the next time i will find some more time for music (again) and will be able to give input, regarding renoise use on linux, to the community.


Your debugger wouldn’t see that code anyway. :P

Well, as soon as you find time to explore Renoise some more, get back to us, we shall reconsider creating a 64-bit version.

To be serious:I don’t think debugging matters should be the concern of a user. Also there are more CPU’s than just AMD, all should be supported not just a half-baked solution on one platform only.


i obviously did not made it clear enough: amd64 means x86_64 (amd64,intel emt64, whatever), than the ‘port’ to the particular cpu should be change of a single compiler flag.

(actually in terms of cpu coverage, soundtracker should be the number one, with all those nasty xm limitations, but that’s another piece of cake :) )

sorry, in the last years i almost use software, where the user may improve it if capable, obviously, that is not the case with renoise, i apologize for my wrong attitude.

best regards,

With Renoise this is also true, only not on “low level” basis…
You are in the right spot to make the suggestions and yeah, sometimes we do misunderstand users as well unfortunately so my apologies for that.