Linux: Midi Routing, Jack, And Multiple Apps

First off, I’m finding Renoise runs exceptionally well on Linux under JACK (using Ubuntu 10.04 here). It’s a real pleasure. And running multiple apps simultaneously, provided they’re all JACK clients, is likewise a breeze, with the ability to route directly into Renoise using an external input device.

I’m having just one issue, which is working out the priority of MIDI input when running more than one app. For instance:

If I run Renoise, then run Pianoteq (a JACK client virtual piano instrument), Pianoteq takes over MIDI input and denies it to Renoise instruments.

If I run Renoise, then run Pd, Renoise takes all MIDI input. Switching Pd into ALSA-MIDI mode, its ports become available as both inputs and outputs in Renoise. So that would seem to suggest that what I can do is take Pd and run its output to Renoise, which would be great – except that Pd isn’t actually getting MIDI input.

Any suggestions, or folks who have found a setup that works?

I’m thinking I don’t quite understand how ALSA MIDI deals with priority of multiple software clients? It’s a Renoise question, as Renoise itself seems to lack a “MIDI thru” / MIDI echo option that could allow me to use Renoise to bounce messages somewhere else…

Alsa midi works exactly like JACK, you can connect arbitrary software/hardware together. There is no difference of hardware controller or Renoise in ALSA midi.

Qjackctl has ALSA midi routing facilities too.

Not sure, but do you mean?

  • IAC Driver on OSX
  • MIDI Yoke on Windows
  • ??? on Linux