Linux: MIDI velocity scaling

What i’m looking for is basically a simple midi “note-filter” program that will apply a log curve (or simple remap) to the velocities of notes played on my midi keyboard, which then Renoise can read from.

Has any of you guys ever used/looked for/written such a program?

Sounds exactly like what Pure Data was made for. There might be something more elegant though.

Yeah, i’d prefer something really simple and straightforward…

Plogue Bidule perhaps? Edit: Nope, I though there was a Linux version.

Piz MIDI Tools - midiVelocityScaler

The full pack has a Linux download. There is a similar single plug-in which appears to be Windows only. As MIDI based VST plugins I’m not sure it’s going to be possible to use them with Renoise though!..

Thanks =)

…it doesn’t need to load in renoise. The ideal program (or vst host) would just mangle the midi data from the keyboard and feed them to a midi-out that renoise can then read from. (preferences -> midi -> in device a/b/c/d)

Anyway, i’ll take a look at this, thanks for the info!

Success!! :D :D Had to click my way through a whole bunch of ad pages to get this little thingy, but —>

Does exactly what i want, and it work perfectly in wine.