Linux Mp3 Support In Renoise-2.5.0


Hi to the great team!!
I 'm trying the new Renoise version 2.5.0, and I can say it is a real Evil version ! ! !
Thanxs to you all for this beautiful piece of code ! !
I needed it ! !

Well, I’m trying to install the MP3 support, then I did all the following things :

  • Compilation of the last libmpg123
  • installation in /usr/local
  • ldconfig

It seems to be well installed, but renoise can’t see the libmpg123…when I try to load an MP3 sample…

Maybe I missed something… ??

it is the same on Ubuntu7.10 and Debian Etch.

Thanxs for your reply !!




Does a “apt-get install libmpg123” work for you then instead of compiling it by your own?


Well, I did again the compilation with alsa, jack support,etc…on Ubuntu7.10, and now it works good…(just missed before to enable modules…)

But on Etch, don’t have the libmpg123 package in my repos…strange, as i have mpg123, but can not see libmpg123…that is why i try to compile it…

My ./configure seems to be ok, with all the supports and modules enabled, but doesn’t work…

Will try to find it tomorrow as I must leave tonight… :(

Once again, thanxs for your reply and your beautiful work…


I’m running under hardy (8.04) and the package is not available. But I’ve succeed to install the libmpg123 with the deb package. You just need to install the libltdl7 package before and it works. I know it’s not very catholic but…
Ah you need to relaunch Renoise too :)

Thanxs for the tip Arboreal ! :drummer:

But even with libltdl7 installed, it was the same…

But now I have got it : :panic:

I have compiled libmpg123 with --prefix=/usr

and it works !!

Don’t know why, but with --prefix=/usr/local , Renoise didn’t see the libmpg123 installed on my system…

On my Ubuntu7.10 Gutsy, it works with libltdl3 and with the default prefix /usr/local

Thanxs for all again !