Linux: Playing on Keyboard doesnt Work when VST is Open

Hi, i switched to linux and almost anything works fine. But when i open a plugin, i cant play with my keyboard (notebook) anymore while changing things in the synth. Does anyone solved the Problem in Linux?

Can you be more specific, please?

I know that if I’m running a 32-bit Renoise and load a 64-bit plugin, I cannot play notes while adjusting the 64-bit plugin.

Are you having a similar issue, of mismatching Renoise version and Plugin version?

We unfortunately never found a “safe” way to implement this behaviour on Linux. So right now there simply is no “Enable Keyboard” option available on Linux for plugin windows.


All 64bit. With reaper the same Problem

The similar problem (the other way around) occurs with Redux in Reaper and Ardour. Strangely it’s working with Waveform and Bitwig and Renoise.

See also this thread:

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