Linux: Please add option to disable client side decorations[SOLVED]

Would it be possible to have an option to disable client side decorations (the close, maximize buttons etc. that renoise draws)? Unfortunately my Window manager doesn’t want to put window decorations on a window that already has client side decorations, even though the Window manager decorations would provide much more control over the Window than the client side ones.

There already is a hidden option for that. It’s called ForceUsingSystemWindowDecorations and can be changed in Renoise’s Config.xml file.

The Config.xml can be found at ~/.config/Renoise/VERSION/Config.xml.
Please change the value while Renoise is closed. It will else revert the value.

Thank you, I did not know this. This seems to do exactly what I wanted.
Edit: For completeness sake, I’ll add that my Config.xml was in ~/.renoise/VERSION