Linux: Predator (VST?) Arp sometimes out of Sync

There seems to be a graphical issue when resizing renoise in Linux. (this only happens during the resizing event) The screen gets all scambled. In additon, I noticed that you are not able to drag renoise to different sides of the compiz cube… Why’s that?

Here is the bug: If I load up Predator while using an arp preset, and then i push play, stop, and then play again, it’s out of sync. (only happens if you do it rather quickly, and it will stay out of sync until it gets to the next sequence or repeats.

What is Predator? If its a VST its quite likely that its simply buggy. If its a sonftsynth that you are running along Renoise with Jack, then the Synth wont get any timing infos from Renoise; so the NoteOns are the only way to sync the synth.

About the other GUI problems. Thats unfortunately a sideeffect of compiz. Compiz only fully supports windows which have the default windo borders (the caption and borders). We could use those, but they look so damn ugly with the rest of the Renoise interface…

Renoise uses its own 3d window framing where most Linux apps use the platform widget frames, i guess that is the mockup with resizing.
Also Compbiz eats a lot of cpu resources. it is not recommended to use such window managers if you desire high and accurate audio timing.

Not sure if the question is in the subject or in the body of the first post, but in any case - I also had the same issue with Predator’s arp (on Windows) - it does not behave well when syncing to host. I would say its a Predator issue.

Of course, it renders the arp section of Predator unusable.

the same thing happens to me with refx vanguard, when previewing it.
but once I actually rendered the song and listened to it …it turned out alright, and the arp was in sync with the beat.