Linux Renoise 2.8 with Windows VSTi plugins?

So, I just bought a new laptop JUST for Renoise production (yep, Renoise is so kick ass I decided that it needs its own
dedicated computer!). Anyways, the computer came with Windows 8 on it and as it turns out, I hate Windows 8 with a passion.
I grew up on Linux and am so frustrated with Win 8 that I’m ready to ditch it for Ubuntu or Arch-Linux, Only problem is
I need my VSTi plugins… Has anyone ever ran Renoise 2.8 linux with VSTi plugins for Windows? I know WINe Windows emulator
can run a ton of Windows apps, but will it run plugins?

There’s this:

But I don’t think you can automate the vsts if you do that. You might be able to just run the windows version of renoise in wine and use vsts that way.

BTW installing classic shell on win8 goes a long way towards making it bearable.

You could also try abique’s vst-bridge. I’ve tried it myself and I have been able to automate VST parameters.

Edit: I also think it’s preferable to run a Linux host because that way you get lower sound latency. This way only the plugin is running Wine-side, and the sound buffering is done by the Linux host natively through the ALSA/Jack sound system.