[linux] Renoise 64 Bits

Hello all !

I would like to know If I can switch to a 64 bits distro, renoise seem to doesnt work on 64 bits until you install a 32 bits Jack server.

I would be really cool to have a native 64 bits renoise version !

Thanks reading me.

–best regards

good timing on making this thread, I was about to file a bug/crash report on 2.0b5 about this when I realized I was running 64 bit. Would love to have it compiled for 64 bit(don’t think it would take much more effort, I’ve gotten 32 bit stuff to compile on 64 bit with changes) so that jack and other plugins would play nice.

EDIT:I tried getlibs -p libjack0 and it still crashes. Guess I’ll have to wait for 64 bit build to use JACK.