Linux: Renoise can't find Pianoteq 7?

Other hosts (carla, etc) have no problem with it.

Also renoise can’t find ANY VST PLUGINS unless i start it from the directory where they are stored. DESPITE VST_PATH VST3_PATH etc. all being set to the correct dirs. Again, other plugin hosts have no problem with this.

where is your path to VST|s defined ?
put it in .profile file


Both those dirs have a symlink to the .so file, other plugin hosts have no problem using it. Renoise USED TO give diagnostics on its stdout about what’s happening to plugins, but now not anymore.

Pianoteq 7 demo works here (VST2?).

Tried deleting the Renoise Cached*.db files and doing a rescan(?) Post log file(?)

Nope. Starting with a fresh home directory as in:

cd /usr/lib/vst
HOME=/some/other/dir renoise

… renoise still can’t find it.
In the mean time, i’m using carla as a wrapper to load it, since it doesn’t have problems with either the LV2 or VST of pianoteq 7, and i can load carla in renoise. Kludgy workaround which i’d like to avoid, tho.

I know I didn’t have to go through any wrappers, renoise found and loaded the demo. From the info here I have no idea what you are doing or what is going on.

Have you looked into the renoise log file? I.e. load up renoise, scan for plugins, then look at what was added to the log file. Maybe the VST crashes while scanning, and renoise does not load it because of that.