Linux Renoise How To Route Tracks

Hi there
I’ve got a problem using Linux Renoise.

I want to use a single multitimbral vst plugin with DSSI vst - and use the sfz+ windows vst plugin (using dssi vst) and have channel 1 piano with some phaser on track 1, then use channel 2 of sfz+ (using an alias of sfz) and have an electric piano using some fuzz on track 2.

I can’t do this. There’s no ‘Setup Routing’ button in the vst instrument like it says in the manual. There is an ‘assigned to track’ with choices Master, Track 1, track 2 e.t.c but that’s all.

Why would this be please?

It seems no matter what I try I can’t assign each channel of this instrument to seperate tracks and instruments properly so I’m having to use seperate instances.

I just want to set it up so when I move to track 1 it selects the first instrument on channel 1, then when I move to track 2 it selects the 2nd instrument on channel 2 - a bit like a simple sound module.

I’ve tried Alsa and jack…

Hope I’ve explained that properly! I wish more vst instruments had their own fx…sigh…
Thanks for your advice.

The plugin must support multiple audio channels from within Renoise to make the “Setup routing” button appear. The channels only relate to the MIDI channels that these plugins will listen to, not the audio channels that they will broadcast on.
DSSI VST probably does not advertise its audio channels to Renoise or simply does not support it. If the plugin doesn’t advertise it’s audio channels, there is not much that can be done here.

Oh ok. Thanks for explaining that so clearly.

Hey just to report many of the plugins report e.g. (32 outs) in the vst name window but they don’t present themselves with those outs to Renoise - like you said above. Must be DSSI vst…

If a VST plugin is truly native (thus not needing DSSI), you might have a better chance of being able to use the extra routing channels of the plugins. DSSI is a simple solution to allow usage of Windows Plugins on Linux, but it also comes with a price unfortunately.
If you really want to use VST plugins on Linux that have no Windows equivalent this way, you’ll need to run a Windows version of Renoise in Wine and simply load those DLL’s directly. But also then there is no guarantee they will work optimal. There is not even a guarantee that Renoise runs optimal.

Oh ok…
Using Wine and wineasio is ok but I always find there are crackles - it’s great for what it is but not always 100% reliable whatever host you use.

Linux is my preferred choice (as I work in Ubuntu all the time). It’s amazing Renoise opens windows vst plugins with DSSI and saves it with the track!

I see Renoise can sample…wish it could multisample for instruments and that would solve my current dilemma!

I use DSSI vst for playing soundfonts (I use the windows sfz player) - the native fluidsynth dssi seems to crash with more than one instance which is a shame and it’s looks like it’s not multitimbral - requiring many instances / using up more CPU.

If anyone has anything to add or suggest I work be interested a workaround! Thanks!