Linux: Screenshots Please!

Yes you heard me, I want to see screenshots!


Would like to see it on Linux, as I am an OS X user, aka your mom’s linux.

Slackware + Fluxbox

Ubuntu 7.10



Ubuntu 7.10, Athlon XP 1500+, 1GB RAM:

Great work Renoise team! :walkman:

Renoise running under XFCE windo manager (Xubuntu 7.10 with realtime kernel)

On Ubuntu Gutsy x86_64 (fresh install), no special kernel (it appears that the stock kernel already supports realtime). 5ms latency on SB Audigy with buffers set to 256 and realtime option enabled using ALSA. No need for JACK here :) (at least for now)

Click for full version:

Using Ubuntu realtime kernel+ALSA (Edit: and now Jack). Flawless.

Arch 2.6.23, with openbox.
I decided to make renoise transparent, using transset 0.6, just for kicks :D
Running via jack, which you can see in the background.

I just got it running today, I’m so happy I could cry.

Renoise on my laptop, smooth as silk after some Jack tweakage:

finally managed to register :)
renoise 1.9.1 beta2 running perfectly on my 64bit gentoo install. apparently I even had all the required 32bit libraries already installed so it worked right out of the box.

Heya pussi! :)

One more from XFCE4 SVN/Compiz on a 64bit Gentoo, running through 32bit compiled jackd32, connected to the 64bit jackd via netjack! :blink:
(No real fun though, ALSA driver has way lower latency and runs more stable in this case)

Finally I have to get used to trackers, as this application really rocks!

click me ->

Using multi desktop :)

To the right -> Jack connexion

To the Left -> synth



Hi all.
I’m using the Studio flavor of Ubuntu 7.10, with realtime kernel.

Here’s a screenshot showing Renoise controlling two synths with some effects.
QMidiControl controls some parameters of the effects. (Simulating a hardware MIDI control interface)

The synth output is routed back to Renoise with the “Line-In Device” so that it has the same behaviour as a “regular” Renoise instrument.