Linux sound problems

Hi all,

i’ve been using renoise icw ubuntu for over a decade on my laptop
now that i bought a nuc (intel 13 pro), installed ubuntu and renoise (3.4.3) the sound is all distorted
pavucontrol shows pipewire alsa as playback service
could it be some driver issues?
if anyone knows how to solve this problem, please let me know

kind regards

What happens with plain Alsa without pipewire? Is only Renoise affected or other DAWs as well (e.g. try Reaper or SunVox).

Sounds lıke ı should try unınstallıng pıpewıre, but dont know ıf ıt breaks other thıngs then. Havent trıed other daws yet. Mıght try ardour.

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Does Ubuntu already come with Pipewire by default?

I guess ıt does now
Mıght be bcs of the upgrade
Or bcs of my new machıne
Dıfferent drıvers
But ardour works
Renoıse shows jack and alsa, but ardour also shows pulseaudıo addıtıonally

What happens if you run these command in the terminal and then try Renoise again?

pw-metadata -n settings 0 clock.force-rate 48000 && pw-metadata -n settings 0 clock.force-quantum 1024

clock.force-rate 48000 forces Pipewire to use that sample rate, so replace with any other rate other than 48000 if needed. clock.force-quantum 1024 forces Pipewire to use a buffer size of 1024, try that first than adjust as needed. If some combination of sample rate and buffer/quantum size works for you, then I would try to learn about how to set up Pipewire so that it always starts with the right settings. A good starting point is the Pipewire section in GitHub - robbert-vdh/dotfiles: My configuration files

Thank you for your advıce
Thıs somewhat works
After ı changes renoıse’ sample rate and buffer sıze to your values
Somehow changıng your values to renoıse’ doesnt work (44100/1024)
But now the anımatıons of guages are choppy
I need to see ıf thıs ıs dıstro dependent, bcs renoıse should just work out of the box


I was forced to ınstall an older versıon of ubuntu (22.04) and now renoıse works properly. The upgrade to 23.10 caused problems. Change ın drıvers, ı suspect

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I have always had problems with Pipewire. Doesn’t matter how much people hype it up and say it will fix all issues regarding audio on Linux. Using JACK is just so much easier for me, causes me no problems. I do suspect though that the reason I encounter problems with Pipewire is due to my audio interface as you can see in this post here. Are you using an audio interface?

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.10 releases always gave me troubles too so avoid these releases people

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That ıs true. But ı do want gnome 45, whıch ıt comes wıth. Provıded ıt functıons well. The extensıons ın gnome are a must-have for me

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Stability first then anything else ,and .10 releases are like betas so try them in a virtual machine .

I always use xfce. It’s light and simple. Jack and pulse sink. No need for pipewire. Never had a problem with it.

yes it does.