Linux: Splash screen is big on HiDPI screen but text is too small

There are new scaling bugs, i don’t recall those in 3.2.1 beta :dizzy_face:

Tested in Linux, 3840x1600 (x2 native scaling):

Splash screen is big, but obviously upscaled and text is still small (was fixed in beta)

When using something other than native, say 175% or 225% inside interface there are a lot of problematic icons which have shifted to right and bottom, very noticeable
Look on close in effect list, or bpm, or M and S in mixer (which are btw still wrong style and scaled small, compared to x1 as mentioned here, but that’s another thing)…Well there are a lot that’s off, seems like some systemic mistake.

Please, don’t rush, we need best quality Renoise! :slight_smile:

Minor “Bug”: if you switch GUI scaling while phase view is opened, the background of the phase meter is initially scaled wrong.

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Yep, good one!

And technically they’re all minor, since first time in history we can use Renoise in hi-dpi environments!
But given how perfect Renoise is other than that… :face_with_monocle: :cowboy_hat_face:

Still here on Renoise v3.2.2, although i think problem with phase meter which @ffx mentioned is not anymore :slight_smile: