Linux: Sse Instructionset.

Any change to get (even if feature stripped) version which do not require SSE Instructions ?

This just makes me :(

[jani@delenn bin]$ ./renoise-1.9.1
Illegal instruction
[jani@delenn bin]$

Sorry, non-SSE compatability causes a lot of overhead.
This has been left out since 1.8, if you have a CPU without SSE instruction then you have some really old gear out there.
If you have a DELL, you might be able to enable SSE in the BIOS or use some firmware trickery to enable it, on a Dell SSE was not enabled by default.

As Vincent said. Very very unlikely that we will provide build without SSE support as this would mean that we would have to distribute 2 builds (one with and one without SSE) support to avoid speed tradeoffs.

Also if your computer doesnt have SSE, its most likely a quite slow one: Renoise was not build for such old environments, uses a lot of realtime floating DSP stuff which is not really fun on such old computers…