Linux: Strange behavior with mda_talkbox and autotalent


I’m on linux, renoise 3b6 32bit. I’m getting some strange behavior with the two vsts mda_talkbox and autotalent:

  1. autotalent. Sometimes when loading a song the plugin seems to be “corrupted”, everytime it kicks in, the the audio stutters and breaks up, playback is slowed down, and renoise is using too much CPU and I get the dialog reporting that renoise has been using too much CPU for too long. If I remove the plugin and put it back in, everything is fine (as it was last time the project was opened). I’m automating the correction strength slider. Related: I wrote a tool that renders a song using the function. When autotalent is present on a track strange happens when the plugin kicks in the first time when rendered from lua.

  2. mda_talkbox. The plugin also seem to get “corrupted” sometimes. Normally is should output in mono, but sometimes the output is wide stereo, like the carrier is on left and the wet signal is on right channel, or something like that.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

I know it’s hard to do much from here, it’s frustrating, because it only happens sometimes, like 1 out of 4, I could mail (offlist) a song that behaves bad, if it could be any help. Also if there’s anything else I could do. I’d be glad to.

NB: I’ve worked with both plugins in 2.8 without any problems…