Linux Ubuntu with Mixxx and Renoise

Hi, When I have Mixxx open in Linux, Renoise fails to open Alsa device and Jack aswell, so these two cannot be run at the same time. What could I do ?

I don’t know anything about Mixxx, anyway you should let Mixxx use JACK in the first place, otherwise it will use ALSA; this will prevent Renoise from opening ALSA, because it is already in use by Mixxx, and then also from opening JACK, which requires ALSA to be useable.

Ok, looks like i don’t have ALSA installed at all if that’s somehow possible. Renoise complains about ALSA even wihout Mixxx, How to install ALSA ?

ALSA is an audio system built into kernel. It provides drivers for audio interfaces. Pulse Audio runs on top of it. If you are running Ubuntu without custom modifications it must have ALSA already installed.

Most likely the pulseaudio is keeping the ALSA driver blocked. Run pulseaudio -k or killall pulseaudio in a terminal before starting renoise.

The current state of linux pro audio is in such state that I’d rather recommend using Windows unless you know EXACTLY what following things are, how they relate to each other, and how to configure and operate them.

  1. ALSA
  2. Pulseaudio
  3. JACK

If you have only vague understanding you are gonna create a lot of pointless stress to yourself. :P

Or he could try AVLinux which is more or less optimised for applications like Renoise (I believe Avlinux even comes with a demo version of Renoise)

If I run pulseaudio -k or killall pulseaudio and something goes wrong how to install pulseaudio back ? (I don’t want to go guessing with knowledge I have )
Trouble is how to run Mixxx and Renoise simultaneously, if one is open another can’t find something related to ALSA and JACK

“pulseaudio -k or killall” will not uninstall pulseaudio: it will just shut the pulseaudio service down until you restart it or reboot the computer. In fact, Suva has told you that you should run this same command each time you run Renoise.

I’m with Suva regarding your choice of Linux: you should really try to fully understand the principles behind Linux audio in order to properly use it, otherwise there are more friendly OS’s to use

pulseaudio -k or killall pulseaudio doesn’t have effect at all, I mean when I type those nothing happens. If I type just pulseaudio outcome is ,
E: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.
E: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed. <---- curious to know where does it fail ?

  • wondering how to learn ALSA because I believe somewhere in ALSA settings is some easy switch to turn so that I can run Mixxx and Renoise simultaneously ?

That’s what I did; be smart, don’t be a retard!
(only thing is that it doesn’t run on my super deluxe (Optimus technology :() 500$ laptop so I had to switch to KXStudio for the laptop but it’s goodness too!)

Real advice: learn about QJackCtl - you can do awesome stuff with JACK server


Failed to create a RealTime priority thread For ALSA will create a non RTthread instead…

It is highly recommended to use RealTime priority audio threads with ALSA AND Jack to get acceptable audio latencies, but you my need admin rights to create RT threads. Please see the Renoise for Linux FAQ on for more details.

-text below from Renoise for Linux FAQ

Realtime Threads

Ho do I configure Linux to enable Realtime Threads for ALSA or JACK?

To allow Renoise to create realtime threads, which are required for low latencies with ALSA or JACK, you have to edit the /etc/security/limits.conf file. A realtime kernel does NOT help here, does not set the required options automatically! To enable RT thread creation via PAM open the /etc/security/limits.conf file as root (or via sudo). Then somewhere at the end of the file add:

YOURUSERNAME - rtprio 99

At this point I don’t know how to do what was adviced… to be more specific, I don’t know what is PAM, don’t know how to open the file as root or via sudo.

So could someone to give bit advice here ?

Use Windows.

Unfortunately, what Suva wrote is true. It takes a lot of time to learn and in the end it may turn out that linux does not suit your needs. However, if you really like to try go to You will find help there.

What do you need Mixxx and renoise open at the same time for exactly? I use both and have never come across the situation to use both at the same time…

Well, for effects, I thought to use Renoise effects with Mixxx, but more importantly even if I can’t have effects… Now I have to quit / exit / shut down another one completely in order to use another, I can’t just jump from window to another.

Well… It could also do if I’d know how to install Renoise at first place, because when I have tried to install it by the manual all I get is some messages where Ubuntu claims that I don’t have such files (Renoise) anywhere on my computer.
So I did few clicks and allowed it to be executed as a program and now I’m using it that way.

By the way Mixxx won’t stay locked on the launcher.

Really? I thought installing Renoise on Linux was pretty much the easiest you can ever install a program on Linux, ever. ever ever.

You need to use Jack to route Mixxx output to Renoise or to just use them together. Best option is to start Jack from qjackctl program and use it from there. Same thing applies, you must first shut down any program using ALSA (like pulseaudio), then start Jack and then start applications you want.

To wire audio into Renoise you need to use the “Line-in device”, and wire it up with qjackctl or something similar.

I did not know xvf and xvzf, Renoise installing guide said xvf and installation worked with xvzf.