[Linux] Understanding the relationship between Carla Windows bridges and Renoise


I am having an issue where I can’t get the Windows plugins to work through Carla and Wine on Renoise Linux. I had this thing working alright just a week ago, but I recently updated my system and Wine started crashing when Carla tried to load the Windows plugins. It turned out that I had to downgrade Wine to version 6.2 from 6.3 to somewhat fix things.

However, after the update I can load Windows plugins on the Carla standalone application, but when I load the Carla rack on Renoise, the “Available tools” in the refresh dialog for plugins does not have support for the carla-discovery-win32, carla-discovery-win64, etc. So there’s no way to use the Windows plugins on Renoise. It just feels weird that now the standalone application works properly but the Renoise plugins are missing certain components, I guess.

I am not really understanding from which directory Renoise pulls the Carla plugins, since the only active environment variables are VST_PATH and VST_PATH3 which both point to ~/.vst, and that location only have my native Linux plugins.

Running Manjaro Linux with these packages installed:
carla-bridges-win 2.2.0-1
carla-git 1:2.3.0.RC1.r11.ga08ed288b-1
wine 6.2-1

I have tried other combinations of the available packages for Carla but this seems to be the only one working at all.

Why dont you try linvst it works great for me and it’s easier to setup than carla just remove wine stable and install wine staging before you setup linvst

I tried it some time ago but could not get it to run. Same with Airwave. Not sure if possible in those programs, but in Carla I like the way how you can setup the MIDI and audio inputs by hand if necessary. This kind of flexibility can be pretty handy if you want to use additional sequencers like BlueArp or record live takes. Just in case you happen to know, does Phoscyon Windows version work on Linvst? I can’t get any sound out of it on Carla, although the plugin loads and opens fine.

I got the Carla running in Renoise again by installing carla-bridges-win-git package. Don’t know what is going on since I am pretty sure I tried this one already and it did not work before. Well, I’d still like to know how and where Renoise pulls these Carla plugins so that they can be loaded inside Renoise.

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I checked here about phoscyon and it says, Preset browser double click causes crash but it could have been fixed you must test it yourself .

About carla-bridges-win-git i think you must install both 32 bit and 64 bit bridges also on carla settings you must enable experimental features or something like that.