Linux/Windows VST Associations

So I’ve managed to get a linux setup with yabridge doing a reaonably good job of letting me open my old windows projects. I’ve only wrapped a few VSTs to avoid overdoing things, and one thing I’m trying to figure out is whether there is a way to associate a native linux VST with the VST that was used in the windows project.

Specifically, I’ve installed (native linux) pianoteq, and when I open a project I get the “VST not found” message for the windows version of pianoteq. I tried installing the windows VST, but no luck, it just crashes. Of course I can replace the instrument, but that will destroy the preset settings, and break the project on windows. Not a big problem for pianoteq, but I can see this being an issue as I continue.

Anyone know of a solution for this? Is there a way to spoof a linux-to-linux bridged plugin?