Linux, wine and yabridge: Renoise hanging up on loading certain song

Hi there,
I have a track id like to continue working on but it cant be opened.

Terminal says
“double free or corruption (!prev)”
after loading FX plugins run with wine and yabridge (Linux)

Thanks and greetings,

I think yabridge is allocating memory twice. You might try to get a newer version of yabridge or even install the windows-version of renoise in wine and try to use the windows-vst.

At least you can try to remove the instrument in your second renoise-instance and try to get the vst running with Carla.

Hint: I’m not a renoise-team-member, just a linuxer who uses renoise in Linux sometimes. But that’s what I would try.

It may be better to post the question at the yabridge Discord server.

I would also update yabridge to the latest version if it is out of date. Other than that, your question doesn’t include enough information to offer any further help.

It’s not yabridge, it’s wine.

And these release notes seem to suggest that it has been fixed in later versions of wine:

I’ve pinned wine to 7.20 on my computer, which was the workaround that was recommended to fix this. I’m not sure if my distro (arch) has updated its packages. You should check your versions of yabridge and wine, and see whats available with your package manager. You may be able to upgrade. Otherwise, downgrade wine!

7.21 has issues. Anything before or after works fine. v8.x.x vanilla and TKG work fine for me.

Thanks :slight_smile:
I’ll try.

Well, after updating everything it works again. I think(!) it was a wine update(now 8.15-1, but never change a running system^^) that broke and fixed it)(manjaro(arch))

Still better than dealing with windows… makes you think if you consider their profit margins^^

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