[Linux/Wine] Phoscyon + Carla + Instrument Automation = Distortion


I am facing this weird issue on my laptop where if I try to automate values with Instrument Automation Device on Carla Rack + Phoscyon VST, the sound gets very distorted and glitchy. If I move the parameter knob on the Instrument Automation Device manually with a mouse, everything sounds fine. Only when Instrument Automation Device knobs get hooked to some other Renoise automation device such as LFO or Automation Edtior, the sound gets ugly instantly.

Any tips what might be causing this behavior?

Just for the record this thing got solved by doing either one of these things or both:

  • install jack-audio-tools-carla 0.4.0-1 package
  • Enable the following setting in Renoise Edit -> Preferences -> Plug/Misc -> Run all plugins in sandboxes

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