Linux/Wine: Problem With Windows In Renoise Vsts

Just got renoise for ubuntu linux and im running it with wine, I cant use my favorite VST (dblue glitch) because whenever i open renoise any window above the program dissapears for some reason. Anyone know what the problem is?

Does this happen with every VST, or just mine?

It happens any time theres a window above the renoise window. So its not about the VST, i dont think.

Renoise on Wine is NOT officially supported.

Renoise runs just fine on windows, so whichever issues you are having on wine can be blamed to Wine, so you are better off reporting those there.

Wine related questions in the Help & support topic please, Renoise has a Native Linux version and is designed to run native Linux plugins only, issues related to hack&trick environments are like Suva mentioned not supported by the development team.