Linux/X11: MIddle-click "select" to copy/paste text

This is annoying!!! The lua terminal window completely ignores standard unix/X11 middle-click selection to quickly copy/paste stuff to or from it :(

Actually the same is true for all text widgets in renoise, but this is quite aggravating when dealing with text editors and code :confused: Any chance this might be fixed in the near-to-mid-term future?

(not sure if this belonged here or in the help/bugs message board or feature ideas board, sorry if doesn’t)

Ctrl +c and ctrl + v?
Renoise has its own keyboard policy inside its own GUI engine, most of it comes from the Windows world.

It is very annoying, I agree!

I’ve found this with Windows as well, when the Scripting Terminal in Renoise will not Paste anything copied from anywhere else! I have reported it before also. Seems to come and go at random though, rather than being consistent…

EDIT: Re-reading and think that’s actually different to what you describe. Sorry. Yours sounds more a request to get what you consider OS default modes of operation working within Renoise??

Yep. In X11/unix systems like linux, middle-clicking in a text input area pastes whatever is selected in another text area, without the need to copy/paste to/from the clipboard, which has its own separate content (of mostly any type, not just text)

This is very very handy, and apps that don’t honor this are kind of annoying :confused:

it seems like mouse-select-ing (in terminal) + ctrl-v (in renoise) works…