Linux: Xfe File Manager Opens Gedit Instead Of Opening Renoise


Hey long time with no news !!
Good to be back again !
Renoise-2.7 is beautiful and I hope I will find the “LoopMode” button in the Sample Editor !! ;) maybe it’s done ! )

Anyway, I have found something “buggy” :

  • After installing Renoise-2.7, under IceWM, and XFE on Ubuntu 7.10, I’ve got a strange behaviour when I “double-clik” on Renoise binary using XFE file manager : The system opens “Gedit” unstead of launching Renoise.
    Does not happen with other Renoise versions, or binaries…
    Same with Beta2 and Beta4…
    Only tried with 32bit version.
    The link works good using directly the IceWM menu.


Hey BreemiX,

The regged versions from the backstage do have a permission of 777 set on all files. The installer script will fix this while installing.
Looks like XFE assumes its not a real executable then. We can not fix the 777 in the backstage for now, but if you want to get this fixed, fill in a bug report for the XFE crew please.


Wasn’t it the same before for older Renoise version ?
It is strange as when I rename the binary, it works in XFE…