Thank you… I was just about to fall off my seat laughing with all those suicide ideas about a Linux port. Why put so much effort into something that will prove just as lucrative as a crotch flavored chewing gum. <_<

Erm, Jack with ALSA is far superiour than Rewire with ASIO. Also, the new Alesis Fusion synth is based on it. If a synth isn’t used for music-making than I don’t know what. And I can remember more threads in this forum asking for a Linux port than a Mac port, so there certainly is a demand.

I finally got Linux. I went to the public library and got a free version of Redhat. Took my '98 machine and reformated it to Linux.

With all the “Free-love” open-source business with Linux, I think Linux users won’t pay for Renoise. Linux is a product of Finland like Scream Tracker 3, so I think Renoise would get more users all over Europe who are anti-windows and used to be in the tracking scene.

But just think… if Tracking was so important to Linux users, don’t you think there would be more open source tracker programs on Linux???

I can only think of SoundTracker and Skale which are not opensource.

…well cheese tracker…

I don’t like that name, but it’s opensource linux.

The free edition of RedHat is old as hell and unsupported anymore, the successor of RedHat is Fedora Core, but anyway, it’s not the topic.

There are a few trackers for Linux. Soundtracker IS opensource, there’s also CheeseTracker, but they are not as good as Renoise, so I want Renoise for Linux.

To those who say “If you hate Windows switch to Mac!” I say: “If you want me to switch to Mac then give me 10’000 PLN for G5…”

You people say that Mac is more popular then Linux.


Maybe somewhere in the States it is true. But here, in Poland for example it’s not. Some people haven’t actually heard about Apple here. Mac is only popular in the richest studios around here, simply because a new Mac costs 4 times more than a PC. So people get interested in the cheap alternative to Windows - Linux. We have 2 Polish Linux distros, lots of sites, meny Polish projects concentrated on Linux software, forums, info services etc. I don’t know a single Polish site for Mac users.

The rest has been already told by WSippel. The interest in Linux port of Renoise seems to be bigger than the interest in MacOS/X port back then. So why do you people say “no”, if the developers don’t say it and people want it???

Hey DD / W Spippel,

After messing around with Linux the past few days (2002 red hat 7.3), I say Linux makes me LIKE Windows more. :D

But seriously, Linux has A LOT of features and benefits that Windows could learn from. I hope Microsoft (like usual) will take some ideas from Linux for their next OS.

Anyways, Poland vs. USA vs. Germany - I grew up in Germany, but never Poland. But I live in the US.

In America, Microsoft dominates software. It actually isn’t so bad either, they are a big company with the money to make good products and to improve them. Bill Gates vision is ‘friendly technology’ and people using technology to make their life better. Trust me, America is VERY connected with technology now, so with most users on Windows OS, it will remain so.

Second thing is, Apple. I think Apple has only 2% share of the Operating systems. I guess Apple isn’t so popular in Europe. But ‘OSX Tiger’ is many years ahead of Windows technology, it’s amazing. Apple is not for everyone. I really love mine. BUT I can see why Renoise decided to develop for OSX. Good choice. Thank you!

I’m the first person that I know to load Linux on a computer! If the people around me don’t run Linux, and are running me Linux Warez, or files, you can see why it won’t grow. If you have Linux friends, it makes it easier.

What I’ve downloaded from Poland, there seemed to be a nice ‘demo scene’ (as in Germany), and there are a lot of individual developers. I do think Europe has the best software developers, but they aren’t joined all in one big company like Microsoft.

So, to continue the spread of Renoise around the world, I think there should be a port, but just know that if there is a Renoise port for Linux. The price will go up.


Man… 7.3 is too old even for museums. Downloading such an oldie was really a strange thing to do. Explain why in the world did you get this one?

The newest free version of RedHat is called Fedora Core 3. The newest under the name “RedHat” is version 9.0, but even this one is very old and the company doesn’t support it in any way anymore.

This is not Windows, man. Most distros have new version releases regurarly (Fedora goes out every 6 months) and downloading artifacts from the past like RedHat 7.3 is a bad idea.

Actually the ‘version’ is a fictional term in Gentoo’s case. What does it change that you install from a LiveCD version 2004.2, if you then simply update the profile up to 2005.0 during the installation, all applications are downloaded directly from ftp in newest version possible. I do emerge -uvD world every week and I screw the versions :).

BTW, it’s nice to find another Gentoo guy on the board. ;)

<unwanted 2 cents>
I’d be interested to see audio running on linux. Most of the open source stuff I download is for linux and apparently runs quite well under it. I’m still dedicated to using my mac though. There are some audio units (u-he, mostly) that I particularly like, and the sound engine, CoreAudio, is extremely good, although it seems that a lot of developers don’t support it properly.
So, linux maybe in the future is an option as far as I’m concerned.
As far as windows goes though, it’s no option. I’ve used windows for several years for audio before, and I have to say that it blows. The only widely supported audio device interface is ASIO, and it’s proprietary, and it’s nowhere near as good CoreAudio. The timing is terrible, apps often conflict, not to meniton that it’s ugly (Renoise excepted, of course). And everything costs way too much money- no wonder software piracy is such a big issue. True, there are expensive counterparts on the mac, but there is enough free/cheap software and good developer support from apple to cobble together a decent setup. Just don’t go anywhere near Native Instruments.
</unwanted 2 cents>

yo i think you ought to check out Knoppix

i also had no one else around me that knew what linux even was
but in my search for knowledge i had to take that step.
now linux is more powerful and user friendlier than ever before.
i use linux 24/7 now as i have 2 linux firewalls setup in different locations
and now with the introduction of Cedega i can use renoise on linux

whoa, knoppix is only $4. So is Phat Linux. I guss Fedora Core 3 is the best one to get, right??

I met a guy (here in the USA) who develops software and I went to his office and he had a “Linux User” tag on his wall. So I asked him, “Why do you use Linux?” and he said that he has been doing Unix for many years.

Me? I just mess around with Linux on an old 200mhz Pentium computer I have. It is way slower than Windows '98 runs on a 200mhz computer.

I won’t install Linux on my 3ghz work-computer (We use microsoft), or my Apple iBook. I’ll have to wait until I get a new PC (p4?5, amd). But I agree with you Linux users. the Only reason I use Windows is Renoise and for work.

BEAST - That looks like a good program for linux users. Screenshots and features remind me of AeroStudio.

Schism tracker - I have this for my MAC because it runs faster than Impulse Tracker 2 with DosBox. But once I get Renoise running, I’ll be happy.


Extacado: 4$? Knoppix is free. You can just download it and burn on a CD, so is Fedora.

And no, Fedora is not a best choice, there’s no best choice. There are so many distros because people make it fit their needs. Fedora is a nice distro for some, and it’s unbareable for me (because of problems with mp3s etc). I use Gentoo, some use Mandrake, others Slackware, Arch, Debian, Ubuntu… But if you want to continue with RedHat go for Fedora 3.

No doubt your Linux doesn’t run well on P200. Windows 98 as it’s name says is as old as this computer, so it runs well there. New versions of Linux won’t run well there without good optimization. It’s as obvious as the fact that Win XP won’t run well on your P200 :).

is this true Taktik?

It’s true that both MxcOS/X and Linux keep POSIX standards, but whole audio-processing would have to be reprogrammed. Renoise would have to use Jack on Linux (IMO it’s the only good way for an audio app for Linux), MacOS/X uses coreaudio or something.

Only interface written in OpenGL is easy to port.