linux version cummin out?

Bantai: where is this topic?

of course there is no Linux version “coming out”:
no Linux version is planned at the moment, so we can’t say it is “coming out” in any way.

Honestly, keeping two versions (Win and Mac) up to date is already an hell of a work…

sorry to bother you ,grumpy…

just a friend of mine asking q`s …


alltough a linux version would have been cool, it’s not as if it is worthwhile at this point, with a so small userbase as linux currently have. Offcourse this may be the result of lacking software - an evil circle indeed.

there have been several reported success stories about renoise being run under wine, winex and cedega. although i’ve been a very vocal proponent of a linux build in the past, i honestly think at this point we may be better served overall if a couple of helpful lads were to cook up a renoise on linux HOWTO using one of the aformentioned wrappers. ;)

Running Renoise on Wine/WineX/Cedega is no good option. This way you won’t get usable latency nor performance. It’s because the emulator is another layer, which is a real bottleneck for those things. And non of those emulators can output the sound to the JACK soundserver, which is essential for making music on Linux. A user running Renoise on emulator would also have to forget about MIDI. Can any user of MIDI keayboard imagine working without it???

The only option is a native Linux version with support for Linux sound demons (JACK) and Linux plug-ins (LADSPA, FST).

Make it open source on Linux, let’s see then which version evolves quicker:the Linux edition or the Windows / Mac edition :P

A bit off topic, but if you like to run VST flawless under linux you should
consider buying one of these :
Won’t solve the problem running Renoise under wine etc. or a native linux version of
Renoise …
And it sound’s like a great addition if you wan’t to ease up your CPU load on you computer,
whether you are running linux, mac or windows …

I would’ve thought that Renoise wouldn’t have much in the way of latency problems under WINE. After all, WINE = Wine Is Not (An) Emulator. The only problem is that the low-level driver support is sometimes ropey. It certainly seemed to run 1.2 quite fast on the last CVS of wine that I tried. It even had Photoshop running with Wacom support.

Why do people want it on Linux, out of interest? Genuinely curious. Do you guys run Linux as your normal desktop environment? I have 2 machines, one with XP and one with Fedora. But I tend to do all music and art related stuff on XP because it’s just so much easier to configure and get straight into the “music” without replacing modules and then recompiling etc. etc…

WINE does not emulate a proccessing unit, that’s why it’s not 100% an emulator. It still though, has to create a layer for the programs, so they ‘think’ they’re ran on a system that works in a COMPLETELY different way. And it makes the performance much lower than when using a native application. And that still wouldn’t fix the MIDI issue nor add the JACK support to Renoise.

I just don’t want to keep any crap on my HDD, and Win is definately such crap. Yes, I use Linux on my desktop and I’m even happier than with Windows. I’m writing this reply from my Linux where I spend 95% of my computer time. I use Windows ONLY for Renoise. And to be able to use it I have to spare some gigs for Windows partitions where I can keep the samples etc, it really doesn’t make much sense to me, it’s just not economical.

Configuring is not THAT needed. Why don’t you just try ReHMuDi? You install it quite easilly on your Fedora and the thing you get is a fully functional AGNULA Linux optimized for low latency with all the best Linux audio software.

Linux has endless possibilities when it comes to optimizing. I’m using Gentoo, so I can tell :). It makes it a good platform for working with audio or anything else. I have everything I need on my Linux. The only thing I’m still waiting for is Renoise.

Yeah, i’d definitly want to see Renoise run on linux as well, for the same reasons mentioned earlier in the thread. The only reason i use Windows is cause i have to(see: renoise). As for the vst support, if there actually was a proper sequencer in linux, i think(hope) those problems would’ve been taken care of pretty fast. somebody’s gotta take the first step, and by all rights, windows shouldn’t be the only options for PC users who want to do music. in my humble opinion, as they say…

edit: oh and please don’t reply with suggestions of the current linux sequencers. alpha doesn’t cut it. and quite frankly, it’s not renoise, which makes all the difference.

from what i recall it’s the stated position of the devs that there currently isn’t a port of renoise for linux, not because it’s worthless, a dumb-idea, redundant etc.
but because the devs have evaluated what would be involved in a linux port and have determined that the dev team doesn’t have enough time and resources to develop a stable port.

so discussions of “why linux?” are pretty moot. alot of people, myself included, would be extatic if we could drop windows and do our jabbanoising in linux, but i personally can’t port the damn thing.

i have asked every linux developer i know ( i know a couple) if they could port renoise for us. i have yet to find one who feels up to the challenge and has TIME.

my advice to people who want renoise ported to linux is to find a developer who can do the port.

I’m just voicing my opinion(i.e. voting, not whining), which i think is a pretty good idea. the amount of time / resources available is probably in most ways directly related to the amount of users wanting the feature in question(in this case the linux port). Hence. Sound off.

i would really luv to see renoise in the linux enviroment
but in no way with wine, running renoise inside of wine is a very bad idea!
i tried it to see if it would work about 2 or so months ago an then again a couple of weeks ago and i got th4e same result
: nice interface
: filebrowser
: and thats about it
i tried loading up a very small module (like 577k) and it took about 5 minutes
as much as i know there isnt any sound driver that wine uses so no sound.
so what you have with wine is:
:a nice gui -thats it

what doesnt really make sense to me tho is, isnt OSX, basically linux anyway?

an man i bet if renoise was released as opensource (which would completely screw the devs) it would become one of the leaders of linux sound
not only that but would also concrete the idea i have that:
“in the future, the only software worth paying for will be open source”

agree choice. Now that the mac port (osx) has been almost completed , it shouldn’t be so hard to make a linux port. I thought that osx and linux are quite the same. Am I wrong? Taktik?

Who uses Linux? Do people in Finland use Linux?

They used to sell 'RedHat Linux" at stores here in the usa, but it wasn’t popular. In fact, I don’t know anyone who uses Linux. I WANT to see it.

Maybe there should be a poll.

Did you hear Linus works for directly for Bill Gates now? (that’s kinda cool)

Yes, I think Windows is not cool like OSX, but it makes the world go around. It works.

Renoise should be on Linux one day when there are going to be enough people buying Renoise for Linux. Will Linux users even pay for anything, because it’s a “Free-World Open Source” OS. Skale is on Linux, so why not use that and master your songs on Renoise-Windows? Are there even VSTis for linux??

I may want to code the Linux port in the future. How far in the future? I do not know, I’ll at least have to complete my computer science bachelor first. After that I may have more free more time for things like these. I have 10 years of C/C++ experience and 8 years of Linux experience. Unfortunately, the only (arguably easily) portable part of the Mac version is that it uses OpenGL, which Linux also uses. The rest of the code will have to be converted.

Linux is used very heavily in certain sectors, for example computers boot into Linux default at the department of my university. You’re probably already used Linux without knowing, Linux runs on your Linksys router and will come default with Playstation 3. Linus doesn’t work for Bill Gates now, and never will. Linus works at OSDL.

Wired Magazine said Linus Torvald works for Bill Gates. But it was maybe a ‘humor’. He works for someone in California.

But as far as 3rd Party support. There is no Adobe Photoshop, or Macromedia Studio for Linux. I know there is GIMP. But if those popular software packages which sell millions of copies do not think it’s lucrative to support Linux, then you have to think that Renoise won’t sell that many copies on Linux either.

I think I want to be using Linux or OSX for my primary OS within a year. I haven’t used it because everything at my school at work are Windows NT.

I know more people using Linux than those using Mac OS/X. The fact is, I’ve never seen a single Mac ever in my life.

If you want to see it, just download it. It’s free, you don’t have to buy it (though you can of course, which will provide you with hot-line technical support blah, blah…).

According to wikipedia:

It’s true that there is no Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Studio for Linux. But for some reason the users of Linux (like me) don’t care about it. Gimp suits me perfectly as a graphical application, I have no idea why are people so stuck with Photoshop. In Poland most people have warez Photoshop and they use it for example to scan photos, ever program can do the job, but they for some irrational reason use Photoshop. Without needing 90% of it’s features.

And BTW, recently there was the news that Adobe was searching for an employee, a specialist in GNU/Linux, to analyze the possible market for Adobe’s products. Companies are geting interested in the new platform as Linux is gaining users, frustrated with the crappines of the world’s leading operating system.

So far, as I see it, several users in this thread and some other threads in the past have shared their interest in the Linux port of Renoise. Which means there are clients, searching for this software for their platform.

It’s true that both Linux and Mac OS/X are POSIX-compliant, which means they are similar operating systems in use, but the hardware support is different, the way sound is generated is different. While the MacOS/X Renoise uses ASIO and coreaudio (?, not sure) to generate the sound, the Linux port would have to use Jack for this.

Actually Jack would make the whole thing alot different than on other platforms. As Jack is the thing that actually ALL Linux audio apps have to support, it’s not only a sound-deamon, that send the signal to the speakers. It also provides the possibility to link the inputs and ouputs of different applications at one time, it synchronises everything together etc.

Actually lack of decent Jack support in Skale is the reason why the port of Skale for Linux is a piece of totally useless shit.

i have to say i see no need for a linux version. i mean, if people dislike windows alot you could always make the switch to mac. making a linux version would be more of a statement than of real use, and i do prefer the devs to put their energy into the ‘real’ versions of renoise than into some geek idealist project (that renoise on linux would be).

don’t get me wrong, i like linux and the likes alot. i just don’t think it’s a music-making platform.