Linuxdsp Ports Vst Plugins To Windows

linuxDSP has gained a proven reputation for high quality plugins for linux. The new linuxDSP OverTone plugins are ports of selected software to VST for Windows XP / 7. The first of these are the CH-EQ2B Channel / Master parametric EQ and the SR-2B stereo reverb.

The CH-EQ2B features innovative DSP technology which provides a mid-range filter with a more analogue characteristic, without the need for CPU intensive upsampling. The plugin is free to download in demo mode:

Download CH-EQ2B

The SR2B is a high quality stereo reverb designed to be economical with CPU. It features variable stereo width, HF damping and a sub-sample pre-delay control to simulate a wide variety of reverb spaces.

Download SR2B

More information about the OverTone range of plugins can be found here:

linuxDSP OverTone

can we have osx au/vst versions too? :)

It should be time, plugin developers are porting their plugins to Linux instead of pulling stuff away from Linux.

Agreed. For us linux audio is still the core business, so this is definitely not pulling stuff away from linux, but the reality is that we always need to look at ways to expand the business and since we already provide VSTs for linux, porting to Windows is relatively straight forward. It could also be argued that providing the plugins on Windows allows users who may consider switching to linux a chance to see that there are some high quality plugins available before making that decision. Porting the plugins to OSX / AU would require significantly more developer time and investment, so while that hasn’t been ruled out, it would make sense to see how well the Windows versions do first.

Are you assuming that Windows-users buy more plugins than OSX-users?! :D

Absolutely no problem with porting from Linux to Windows. The more exposure that Linux based audio can get, the better.

Linuxo to Windows may initially seem the wrong way, but the more people who become aware of Linux as a possible for audio, the more chance more developers may start working on it.


Forget AU, AU = dying just as RTA and Dx are dying out, VST is also becoming more prominent on on Mac nowadays.
I doubt porting VST’s to Mac poses more problems than porting them to Windows.