- software/plugins database


I would like to show you mine ongoing project of creating linux music software/plugins database -
Project is still in development, i think i covered most of paid software and big amount of free/open source ones.

Each software have picture of its interface or controls visible in ardour, there is placeholder for description and i hope to add it in near future :), or at least copy one provided by developer, if allowed.

Some software/plugins might be in wrong categories, for example tool category in effects was placeholder for everything i couldnt fit, and maybe at some point i decided to create dedicated category and forgot to move something from there.

I would appreciate any feedback.



thanks for this.
very usefull.
Audio assault released Duality bass studio and Aural verb for linux too.

Yes, Aural verb is in database but without screenshot, because they dont provide demo version, and i prefer to make screenshot myself to not be accused of anything ;).

Duality is on my list to add, didnt had time to add it yet :slight_smile:

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Nice!! All in one place nice and easy.Good work friend