Liquid dnb

Some liquid dnb:

Played with vst serum (pad, bass, pluck,… ) and ott.

I also made a dnb remix of one of my old orchestral songs:

Coffee Time is amazing! I love the drum loop, and the pluck, especially from 1:34. Well done here. Maybe try to make the bass a little bit stronger.

Orchestral Fun is also good, but the main part requires more bass, keep up the good work and let me know if you like my latest tune:

Thx for your feedback :slight_smile:

Very nice! Love the instrumentation in both. Although the orchestral one does sound a bit choppy at points (although that may be the effect you’re going for!)

Drums just sound a bit a flat with out rythm at times? Maybe some groove, velocity changes heavier shuffle notes would give them more character?

Thank you, you’re right, drums are abitrepetitive. Next time, i’ll play more with delay column.

sounds good!