List Of Member Ranks?

A fable made from a thread. (Literally!)

I have succeeded in creating an amazing fable out of this thread:

Could anyone post a list of member ranks (New Member, Super Advanced Member, Local Chief Member, etc) and the amount of posts required to obtain them?

I think that would be a bad idea… we don’t want people posting simply to up their post count.

By the way, is all that stuff right next to each post really necessary? There’s a “user profile” after all.

When posting, the way the thread looks in the “topic summary”, that way it should look always, plus sigs and avatars if you have turned them on… (and team / moderator / admin / tester titles etc.) seriously, I don’t just. don’t. get. why 99% of all non-toy forums keep that stuff, or more to the point, why forum software makers think it makes sense as default, instead of being a mod / skin edit.

I think it would be also great if one could turn off the sig of individual users. And if those users got a count of how many turned their sig off (because it’s too fucking big and boring after you saw it twice, or consist the system specs or whatnot). Now that would be a victory for intarwebs hygiene.

I think this is not a good idea. Have a look at my status and then look at my signature. I have post over the years comments and reaches the “Super” status but i am more a beginner.
Better would be if we can manage the status self and not autogenerated after how many posts you have made. ^_^

Just bombard the site with continually awesome stuff,
ask lot’s of questions,
answer lot’s of questions,
get into arguments and flame wars,
beta test and find bugs,
post songs,
comment on songs,
suggest ideas,
help others with ideas,
learn some tips and tricks,
ask lot’s of questions,
share some tips & tricks,
don’t talk shit to the wrong people,
engage the community,
push your person into the scope,
get involved,
have fun.

the answer to the question is break out a text file,
go through the forums and copy/paste every title,
with post count,
then after a while of doing this it will become clear what the numbers are.

Or ask Bantai! :D

Well, if this would only motivate you to contribute to the forum just to get a “higher” status (or whatever kind of positive position you would like to define for it), you will just get a fixed rank description as soon this case turns out to become clear.
@Johann, the new member and advanced member descriptions make it a little easier to quickly distinguish spammers out of the longer term users. The rest may be irrelevant, but allow us to have at least one silly option on this forum :)

MORAL: The user “rank” doesn’t matter! (yet) So, until the site gets a better system for user “ranks”, FORGET ABOUT IT!

If you’re bored you can use this search tool:

Why am I still a “normal member” =’(. Internets STATUS MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I YAM SOMETHING GOD DAMMIT!!! ;) hahahaha! But really I got enough posts to have some type of status change =P




hahaha… I was kidding. It was a joke.

Bantai : utter halarious, really made me laugh! And im at a depressing job so really i needed that =P


What kind of job do you do?