List Of Soundcloud User Ids

I’m sitting in work with an afternoon of coding in front of me and I am blazing through Datsik, Kontora and Noisia tracks on Soundcloud to keep me sane, but I want to get some listening time in hearing Renoise users tracks!

I’m listening via the Soundcloud app on my phone and that can only search by track name or user.

So please post your soundcloud user id up please :)

Mine is : Keepcalm

cheers folks!

Username: Remixta

I have couple of my personal tracks there, some by braintwister and an episode of remixta. :P


username “wakax”
some of my ( makunouchi bento ) stuff here:
My soundcloud

Only have one track and a few old mixes but it’s the same as my username on here ;)

Plus there are some rounds of the competition I run on the deaddogdisko one.

Username Saine,



a hodge podge of different stuff. Mostly loop based.

Username is S-Wrong
(artist name is Wrong, but that was taken, which probably means I ought to think of something else. Ah, well)

Listening from the top. End of Time and Circuit City are standout so far - really good :)

Username: 2nddivision

I love it. I’d pay money for this mate.

my soundcloud:

There is a Renoise group in Soundcloud, look it up.

mr_mark_dollin - Enjoy ;)


but to be totally honoust these tracks are not exclusivly produced with renoise ;)

All Renoise here, hope you get time for a listen :walkman:

Here is the username - leekahsandlukeyp - thanks!

username ‘novadope’