Listen Bus for mixing purpose

Nice feature which I noticed in Studio One. There is 2 main busses: Master Bus and Listen Bus. The only difference is that Listen Bus does not affect Master Bus while rendering.
Would be nice to have this feature for instances when i need to use EQ correction for my headphones while mixing.

Image just for more clear understanding.

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EDIT: I agree with OP in that it would be super nice to have a “Listen bus” functionality in Renoise without all these unnecessarily complicated steps. I didn’t realise this was in “Ideas & suggestions” when I wrote my original posts. I also edited some slightly off-topic rambling out.

Although it’s unnecessarily hacky to setup, this can already be done in Renoise. Check out this thread for a full how to:

You can also make a number of native utilities for listening through different FXs or correction curves. You can make utilities for mono monitoring, swapping the L and R channels, soloing the mid signal, soloing the side signal, emulating a “NS-10” type frequency response etc. Lot of possibilities with just the native stuff.

You also really don’t necessarily need (though I understand how handy they can be) any room/headphone correction plugins with renoise, the convolver device can be used as a perfectly functional room/headphone correction EQ. I used to use the renoise convolver device with a tilt EQ (for house curve) wrapped in a doofer for my room and headphone corrections. And it was placed in a separate “listening bus” too, so there never was any possibility of accidentally rendering the track through the room/headphone correction. I have since turned to using VoiceMeeter and EQ APO due to it being a system wide solution and making life a lot simpler in many areas.

I hope this helps until there’s a simpler solution! Happy tracking! :metal::alien::sound::notes:

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This methods are good, but imagine if I dont’w want to mess up with setting up everything. Any modern DAW have this feature, would be good to have it here by default.

Easy fix of a problem can be option to insert #Send fx into master bus, but it is not possible

I totally agree. It’s an extremely useful functionality and I imagine it shouldn’t be very hard to implement decently (I’m not a programmer though). Any modern daw should have it readily available, and it should be made to be as simple as possible to setup.

But the functionality in itself is already there, just unnecessarily hacky to setup. Luckily if you use templates, you only have to set it up once and save it to your template(s) to have it ready for use when you need it with no extra hassle. The only real down side with setting this up in Renoise is, that it can sort of break your master level metering and clip indicator.

I made a example XRNS, in which there is a working “Listen Bus”. I also put in a few examples of possible utilities you can setup for your listen bus, including an example of how to setup two easily switchable correction curves (e.g. one for your speakers, one for headphones), and without any plugins too.

ListenBus example.xrns (88.2 KB)

I have absolutely no idea how the track output routings are handled in shared XRNS (same XRNS loaded with different audio interface, drivers, virtual cables, routing setup, channel number etc), so you might have to set your track outputs manually. To do this just make sure that:

  1. the outputs you are actually monitoring through are chosen to be the outputs for the listen bus (most likely outputs 1 and 2)
  2. and that your master tracks output is set to a different set of outputs (like 3 and 4)

You can find the output routings for the track in the mixer panel, below the track fader and track delay. If you can’t see the option for changing the track output, you have to set it visible from the right side of the mixer (there’s a separate button for it):

And here’s the same with basic ASIO:

If you have only two outputs in your audio interface, you can still use this method by using virtual outputs. I use VoiceMeeter for this purpose myself.

I hope this helps! :sparkles::alien::sparkles:

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So, as I said earlier: it is good solution, maybe the ony one possible, but I want it to be here by default. Thats why I created topic in “Ideas & suggestions” :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry, I honestly didn’t realize this was in “Ideas & suggestions”. Just saw a problem I wanted to share a solution to. I completely agree with you, it should be way easier to set up!

Edited my message to make more sense since this is in “Ideas & suggestions”. I’ll leave the solution there, since it might be useful as long as there’s no better way to set up a Listen bus.