Listen The Vst Instrument Assigned In The Track When Move De Position

When you have assigned the VST instruments in several tracks, for example:

Track 1: Drum
Track 2: Snare
Track 3: Snare2
Track 4: Bass
Track 5: Sinte
Track 6: Sinte2

And you want listen the instrument assigned in the tracks, is not possible. Always listen the instrument selected in the Panel “Instrument selector” . I want listen the instrument assigned when my cursor position is in the specific track

For example:

In the Pattern, if my postion cursor is in Track 1, listen the “Drum”… when my cursor position is in Track 2, i would like listen “Snare”, etc.

It’s possible this ??

To change to the nearest Instrument to the cursor press [Shift] + [Enter].

To set it to do it automatically press [Shift] + [Alt] + [#] according to the Preferences. Only just found that myself as I seem to have missed where the button to toggle this on and off has moved to…

I assume that is what you meant anyway. If there are no notes on the track in the pattern you are in it will not search previous pattern or anything and change though. You can not lock instruments to tracks.

Kazakore is right, toggle the “switch/grab to nearest instrument” option…
Renoise will switch to whichever sample/instrument is nearest the cursor, then you can hit the keyboard to play it.
If you are suggesting that renoise plays the sample when you go to the track, like a preview, then i am -1…
Wouldn’t really work if you had more than one instrument per track, and would just get on my nerves.

More thanks for yours answers :rolleyes:

But the option [Shift] + [Enter], if there is no instrument in that pattern does not tell me which instrument is assigned.

These responses made me think of another option that did not know.

Instead of going over the tracks with the cursor, what I do is allocate (Intruments Settings> VST Instruments Properties> Assigned to track: I assign the instrument to track nº…).

Now do not go over the tracks, what I do is go to (Instrument selector), then I move through the instruments I have and to be assigned shows me the track where the instrument at the time.

Not exactly what I wanted but I served.

Anyway, the [Shift] + [Alt] + [#] I have not worked :(

More Thanks!! :D