Listen to Realtime Render

I need to be able to listen to the realtime render while it is being made. This is so I can get some feedback of tweaks I am making on pieces of external equipment which are being routed into the mix via a Line In device in Renoise. If a solution for this doesn’t already exist, this would be a cool feature for future versions of Renoise.

I’m curious in what ways this would sound different from just playing the song. What are the mechanics of real-time render?

This is the only relevant thread I can find on this. I’m using Renoise with external midi gear and I’m hitting the CPU pretty hard. When I realtime render, there’s a chance there’s audio dropouts. Could an option to listen to a realtime render be added so that I can hear the audio dropouts, rather than just stare at the CPU meter and make sure it’s not hitting like 95%+.

I’d also love this for rending with a lot of random LFOs doing things like setting the time for Repeaters so that I know the render will be good and don’t have to render->listen->render->listen->render->listen over and over. I can just cancel the render and start over.

I agree withe the OP, it would be useful to optionally hear the audio during realtime-rendering to record small jams from harware synths while twiddling their knobs.