Litlbig Idea - Change Fontsize

HI !!!

parameter gui Font size

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It would be cool if you could made a hot key for it
is it possible to built a key for that parametre?

have nice day and thnx for your time

Somebody suggested this a while ago and I found a tried changing the preferences file and the problem is the GUI doesn’t change size around the text so becomes unreadable in places at only very small changes.

As small devices become more powerful and screens get more resolution maybe time is coming for a whole GUI size default to be programmed into the software though…

this feature can help you see the maximum working patern, and when I need to do something I always make a mage increases.


It would also be convenient to not only invisible pan and volume but also the effect it


or maybe just do combine patern and patern matrix ))))))so you can easily switch between them by one combination Clavey

sorry for google translate