Little Belgian Hardstyle-girl

… and i told her to better share the bags of amphetamine with me. but no… :rolleyes:

Hehe… reminds me of my ex gf Stevie. She used to do the smae thing to people at the 16th st mall here in denver while listening to jungle on her headphones. It would drive me nuts because alot of the time it was after an all night rave and we still hadn’t gone to sleep yet. Freakin’ energizer bunny. :lol:

That is so damn cool - Some people at my community at are planning to do the same stuff :)

Amusing, but the spontanous original Technoboy! is still the best! :P

heh I loved the ending with those 2 guys :lol:

italian answer to technogirl

in my opinion the girl wins vs the boy hands down.
he ain’t got no flow! =)

initially i thought OMG, IT’S SURGEON’S “DEATH BEFORE SURRENDER” and i could barely trust my ears… but then… the video-cutting-guy decided to fade out that overly splendid tune with the matter of a few seconds.
→ SHAME ON HIM ← he’s not worthy :)


i wonder why those gaymen look at that girl?

regarding the belgian hardstyle girl, she doesn’t have very many moves… and uses her left hand too much

It’s the raver hop… it’s kinda like gangsters bobing their heads and waving their hands up and down to the beat of the music you know? It’s not really a dance, but more like just enthusiaticaly getting into the vibe.

It’s a boring hop. That’s why the technoboy wins hands down. He got da moves!

Oh, and that italian girl rules! Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while! :D

that italian girl makes me sad because she is so pretty and has a good voice but she’s sitting around disgracing herself like that :(

It’s called “self irony”, or at least something like that. :P

I’m just glad there are people out there not giving a damn about what others think about them, not conforming to standard behavioural patterns because they’re “pretty” and “therefore should act like it”.

Nop, she doesn’t disgrace herself in my eyes, she’s just a teen with a crude i-don’t-give-a-f**** kinda humour.