Little click at the end of a beatsynced loop

I’ve attached a test song. You can hear in pattern sequence 1 and 2 a small blip. I cant prevent this. When you check the sample, there is no noise at the end of it. I also enabled quick fade, which does nothing here.

Renoise v3.2.1, Windows 10

click_looping_bug.xrns (821.3 KB)

It seems that synchronization does not fit 100% perfectly, when it should be like that (it seems to be 99.9999%). The last clip is played by the first frames of the sample (when starting again with the loop forward).

The only way to avoid this is to add a note-OFF on the last line of the pattern with a delay parameter, for example F0 (this is near the end of the last line). I know it’s not the most comfortable, but if Renoise’s sync doesn’t work perfectly, this “trick” could fix it, meanwhile.
If the synchronization was good, it would not be necessary to do this procedure. Maybe that little mistake is due to a rounding of a specific value. Not even using finetune can you fit it perfectly. It seems a small problem of the Beatsync (the wave should be a little “more stretched”).